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Welcome to the dawn of a new era in healing and personal development – introducing vReiki, a revolutionary 21st Century perspective on Reiki Therapy!  

Embark on a transformative journey with vReiki, a groundbreaking approach meticulously crafted by the visionary originator, Martyn Pentecost. Step into a realm where ancient wisdom meets cutting-edge innovation, where the essence of Ki unfolds in new and profound ways. 

Unveiling the Essence of vReiki

In the tapestry of vReiki, each thread is woven with intention, unlocking the potential of Ki in ways never before explored. This modern interpretation of Reiki Therapy is a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, a symphony of energy and consciousness orchestrated for your well-being.

The Key to vReiki’s Brilliance:

At the heart of vReiki is the Shinto wisdom of Ki – the Universal Constant that permeates all things. Martyn Pentecost, the maestro behind vReiki, guides you through an unparalleled exploration of Ki’s multifaceted layers. From the gentle whispers of healing with Kuki to the dynamic currents of personal development with Jiki, vReiki is your compass in navigating the boundless potential within.

Why Choose vReiki?

  • Innovative Techniques: Explore a rich tapestry of techniques, seamlessly blending ancient practices with modern methodologies.
  • Personalized Approach: Tailor your vReiki experience to your unique journey, unlocking your own reservoir of inner strength and resilience.
  • Martyn Pentecost’s Guidance: With the originator as your guide, you’re not just learning vReiki – you’re tapping into a repository of wisdom cultivated over decades.

Empower Your Life with vReiki:

Reignite your vitality, restore balance, and unlock the dormant potential within. vReiki is more than a healing modality; it’s a lifestyle, a philosophy, and a beacon of light guiding you towards holistic well-being.

The Future of Healing, Today:

As we celebrate vReiki’s twenty-year anniversary, join the movement reshaping the landscape of Reiki Therapy. Embrace the power of vReiki, where the ancient art of healing converges with the dynamic perspective of the 21st Century – a testament to the limitless possibilities when tradition meets innovation.

Are you ready to embark on a journey
of self-discovery
and holistic healing?

Step into the future with vReiki and Martyn Pentecost, where the energy of transformation awaits.

vReiki One: Introduction to vReiki

Discover how you can have the most deep-acting and long-lasting results with Reiki Therapy for the 21st Century

How effective any therapy is, relies on how well it aligns with you and your needs—Reiki therapy is no different.

By working with Reiki in a modern perspective, you can apply treatment to your life, where and when you need it most.

We study the three areas of Reiki as a self-development practice: inner-work, self-treatment, and helping others. Using a mixture of traditional and modern techniques we transform our Reiki interactions into an integrated and fluid practice that can enable the letting go of old, limiting beliefs towards health, relationships, prosperity, the world, and simple joy.

This leads us to a more inclusive attitude, through embracing diversity within your therapeutic approach. Hence, we seek true holistic health and wellbeing, not only in physical and emotional respects, but also in our philosophies and spiritual being.

  • The Concept of Life Force: Ki
  • The Facets of Ki
  • The 21st Century View of Ki
  • Reiki: The Ki of the Soul
  • The History and Development of Reiki Modalities
  • Sample Contrasting Reiki Styles
  • The Viridian Age: An Evolving Universe
  • Reiki in The Viridian Age
  • Return to the Roots of Reiki: Reiki NRG
  • The Self-Treatment
  • Foundational Treatment of Others
  • Jiki: The Ki of Magnetism
  • Intuitive Abilities Using Jiki
  • Psychic Development of Jiki
  • Integrating Jiki and Reiki in Treatment and Self Development Techniques
  • Degree One Reiki Orientation (Attunements) x2
  • Degree One Jiki Orientation (Attunements) x2
  • Additional Traditional Attunements & Empowerments
  • Originator Accredited Training
  • Study with Guidance from the Creator of vReiki, Martyn Pentecost
  • Fully Immersive Extended Reality Training Environment
  • Printed Course Book
  • Access to the latest media and exclusive Foundation Access to Romanknowes

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vReiki One: Introduction to vReiki

vReiki Practitioner

Complementary Therapies based upon the concept of Ki (and the Chinese equivalent, Chi) use a system of discreet energetic channels that exist in the human.

These are known as meridians and are integral to our holistic health and wellbeing.

It is with these meridians that we begin our exploration of Reiki and other Life Forces when used in therapeutic practice.

As you move your worldview away from the meridians as conduits for the ‘flow of Reiki’, you will transform your perspective to understanding that it is you flowing through the Universal Constant of Reiki. This profound shift in ethos reveals how you sense Reiki as you flowing through life, through the Universe.

With an understanding of all the main meridians and ‘pressure points’ along these channels, we see how our basic treatments can be tailored to specific dis-eases and issues. Incorporating the traditional treatments of Reiki therapy and gentle meridian massage, we then turn our attention to more specific forms of energetic pressure point stimulation.

  • The Meridian System: Meridians and Pressure Points
  • The Anatomy Eastern Medicine
  • Blood Cleansing and other Traditional Usui Reiki Techniques
  • Pressure Point Stimulation with Jiki
  • Contrasting Philosophy of Energy Systems
  • The Physiology of Energy Medicine
  • Tradition Practitioner Techniques
  • The Traditional and Developed Treatment Tools
  • Denki: The Ki of Thunder
  • Kuki: The Ki of Air
  • Psychic Development & Intuitive Practice for Treatment
  • Denki Psychic Surgery and Non-Touch Massage
  • Contraindications
  • Consultations and Prescription
  • Setting Up Practice & Developing Your Therapy
  • Degree Two Reiki Orientation (Attunements) x2
  • Degree Two Jiki Orientation (Attunements) x2
  • Degree Two Denki Orientation (Attunements) x2
  • Degree Two Kuki Orientation (Attunements) x2
  • Degree Two Mizuke Orientation (Attunements) x2
  • Additional Traditional Attunements & Empowerments
  • Originator Accredited Training
  • Study with Guidance from the Creator of vReiki, Martyn Pentecost
  • Fully Immersive Extended Reality Training Environment
  • Printed Course Books
  • Access to the latest media and exclusive Practitioner Access to Romanknowes

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vReiki Practitioner

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